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Welded gabion

Welded gabion is composed of high-quality welded mesh panels, which are fixed together to form a closed cubic container. Welded gabion can well control soil erosion and provide you with a neat appearance.

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Features of Welded gabion

The welded wire mesh structure ensures that each contact point in the grid pattern is welded together to form a rigid connection, making this gabion mesh material very important for achieving a flat, sharp appearance. The additional rigidity provided by the welded wire mesh and corner stiffeners provides greater resistance to expansion while also making rock filling less troublesome.

Welded gabion factory

DunQiang is a factory direct supplier with many years of experience, which can provide a variety of high-quality gabion baskets and mattresses to meet all your erosion control and landscaping needs

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Do gabion walls need footings?

Most gabion walls do not require concrete foundations. If the gabion net is not fixed, it will move with a buffer along with the contraction and expansion of the water flow, making the gabion net more impactful and strong.

Are gabion walls strong?

Durable. A gabion wall is made of durable wire mesh that makes up the gabion basket and keeps the wall in structure. Another interesting fact is that they even become stronger with time. It`s because of the silt and vegetation being collected in between the filling of the baskets over time.

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