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Stone gabions

When choosing stone gabions, consider its shape, size and strength. Why choose stone gabions

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Advantages of stone gabions

1. Ideal ecological construction and ecological restoration functions

The pores in the gabion cage and the net mat create conditions for the flow of water, which is conducive to the natural exchange between water and soil, and creates a living environment for aquatic organisms and microorganisms, thereby enhancing the self-purification ability of the water body, protecting and improving the water source , Water quality. Filling material voids are artificially laid with soil layers or naturally deposited soils, creating conditions for greening and vegetation. Even if seeds are not planted, plants will naturally grow to optimize, beautify the environment, improve and restore the ecological environment.

2. Good water permeability

Retaining walls built with cages and slope protection are laid. The filling material in the cages is loose and there are many pores, which is conducive to the discharge of pore water in the soil under the slope protection and the filling of the masonry. Surface water Once infiltrated into the soil, it can be quickly discharged through the masonry, effectively reducing the groundwater level, thereby reducing the groundwater pressure behind the wall and under the slope. In landslide treatment and debris flow prevention and control projects, the gabion net structure can drain water in time to reduce the probability of wall damage. At the same time, the wall’s good deformability can effectively buffer sudden external impacts.

3. Excellent stability and overall water permeability.

The gabion mesh is a twisted-pair grid structure woven by a special machine, and local damage will not cause the overall damage of the cage. The gabion mesh material has the characteristics of moderate deformation, which connects all the projects into a whole without joints. Even if uneven settlement occurs, the overall structure will not produce cracks or serious problems.

4. Simpler construction method.

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The gabion net technology can be manufactured as semi-finished products according to the design intention and factory production. The construction site will be assembled and finalized according to the design drawings, and then laid on the arranged soil slope or excavated foundation pit to form a slope protection or a barrier. The retaining wall of the box cage is filled with filler and covered with a net. It is easy to operate, less affected by climate, and suitable for mechanized operation, which can not only ensure the quality of construction but also speed up the progress of the project. During the construction process of a construction unit, due to the influence of the weather, the construction unit transferred workers who used mortar and masonry retaining walls to do slope protection with gabion nets.

5. Very good landscape effect.

The easy combination of the gabion net structure and the diversity of colors can provide us with a variety of structural modeling designs to meet the landscape requirements of different regions. At the same time, the green retaining wall or slope will be presented to us in combination with planting lawns and planting flowers and trees.

6. Excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

The steel wire of the gabion net material adopts the hot-dip galvanizing process, and the surface coating of the steel wire is more stable, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of the wire. After the resin coating process, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-aging, and anti-oxidation, and has a longer service life. According to the test, the plastic is immersed in 30% hydrochloric acid for 10 days, and the plastic has no discoloration and no cracking. It can be seen that this material is absolutely reliable even in high pollution areas. The service life of the steel wire coated with resin film can reach 70 years.

7. Strong resistance to erosion and wind and waves.

The gabion net structure is used as a slope protection or retaining wall project on a river with a high flow rate, and has a strong anti-erosion ability. According to related experiments, the anti-coefficient of the gabion net structure is twice that of the general anti-collision coefficient of rock dump protection engineering. Affected by water erosion, even if the stones in the gabion net protector are displaced, the deformed cage structure will have a new balance, and the overall integrity will not be damaged. The gabion net structure is a flexible structure. There is a certain gap in the cage filled with stones or other materials. When the wave is shot on the peak, the wave is crushed, reducing the impact of the wave pressure; when the wave is retreated, there is a gap in the cage. , It destroys the vacuum suction of wind and waves, and reduces the damage to the protection project. In addition, the overall structure can be fine-tuned when the wind and waves are applied, which can effectively avoid cracks on the wall.

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Stone gabions supplier, wholesale stone cages

DunQiang stone cages, as a professional manufacturer of stone cage nets for nearly ten years, we can provide you with various models of Stone gabions. As you think, if you need wholesale stone cages, please contact us!

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