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Hexagonal gabion

usually called woven gabion is made of high quality galvanized wire or PVC wire. The corrosion-resistant wire is twisted into woven wire. The hexagonal gabion is made of stranded carbon steel wire, electroplated or hot-dipped galvanized, and then coated or flattened. It can be made into a gabion box.
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Hexagonal gabion uses

Wire netting with hexagonal opening offers good ventilation and fencing uses. Hexagonal wire netting is made of twisting carbon steel wire, electro or hot dipped galvanized, then plastic coated, or plain.

It can be fabricated into gabions boxes – one of the most popular wire products for flood control. Then stones are put into it. Laying of gabions make a wall or bank against water and flood. Hexagonal wire netting is also welded into poultry netting for breeding of chicken and other poultry. Popularly used as fences after green coated, and costs can be reduced. In the past years, the hexagonal wire netting made of galvanized iron wire has been used in fences, breeding and construction reinforcement.

According to the application, we can supply wire netting in the following types:

  • General Purpose Wire Netting;
  • Heavy Type Wire Netting;
  • Poultry Netting;
  • Chicken Wire;
  • Wire Netting for Fences.

Hexagonal opening woven wire netting is mostly used as light fencing for poultry, farms, for birds, rabbits and pet enclosures, tree guards and garden fencing, storage bins and decorative supports tennis courts. It is also used as wire mesh fabrics for light reinforcement in splinter proof glass and cement concrete, plastering and laying of roads, etc.
hexagonal gabion 2

Processing Types available include:

  • straight twist hexagonal wire netting
  • reverse twist hexagonal wire netting
  • double-direction twisted hexagonal wire netting
Finishes of Hexagonal Wire Netting can be:
  • galvanized after weaving ,galvanized before weaving,
  • PVC coated galvanized
  • hot-dipped galvanized
  • electro galvanized
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