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Portable cattle corral

Portable cattle corral can make your animal husbandry work easier and greatly improve your animal husbandry work efficiency.

portable cattle corral 1

How tall should a cattle corral be?

   Up to 600 pounds  over 1200 pounds
 Length (minimum)  20 feet  20 feet
 Recommended minimum height  45 inches  50 inches
 Depth of the ground (minimum)

 30 inches

 30 inches


In our process of animal husbandry, Portable cattle corral is indispensable!

Portable cattle corral parameters

Portable cattle corral is an indispensable asset of Rancher. There are two types of portable corrals. The main difference is the shape of the rail tube. The first is the round tube design, which is made of 1-7/8 inch 12 gauge round tube tube, with a full double hinge structure, so that the device can be installed on uneven terrain and still work easily and efficiently. The second design is a square tube unit. The device is made of 1-3/4" square tube No. 11, and we turned its edges into a diamond shape to increase the strength and rigidity of the device. They are all the same except for the heavier hinges on the square unit , Are all standard configurations, and the height of the single 4'pass-through door on the front left side is 6'.


These units have an area of ​​approximately 960 square feet and are now equipped with winches on the first and second panels to facilitate lifting. The new 9'cutting door located inside the device makes the sorting of cattle faster and easier than ever before, because the panel has a rigid overhead of 12', which can be folded to the center of the device and latched to another 12' Hold the pen on the front of the unit so that you can perform classification or other operations.

portable cattle corral 2

The weight of the two units is slightly different, the round unit weighs about 5,200 pounds, and the square design weighs about 6,200 pounds. The weight difference comes from the specifications of the tubing we use when constructing these units. The two stalls will handle the same number of cattle. We are based on the approximate number of heads that a cow/calf pair can handle, and the portable stalls will effectively hold 50 pairs or less. As the size and weight of the animals decrease, the number of heads that can be accommodated will increase.


When looking at these two designs and trying to find the best fit for your needs. Our customers have used these two types of stalls in various situations and found that either one can and will adapt well. However, the Round unit was originally designed for wheatgrass and pasture-raised livestock, but it also had to deal with the size of the livestock during cattle/calf operations. It was no problem, but then Square units were built to provide new options for cow/calf ranchers. Due to the heavier square tube and diamond-shaped design, it can cope with the greater pressure and pressure brought by larger animals.

Portable cattle corral manufacturer

DunQiang has a history of more than ten years in the portable cattle corral industry. Our portable cattle corral raw materials have been exported to Australia, Canada, the United States and other countries. As a manufacturer of Portable cattle corral, you need to contact us when you need to buy Portable cattle corral.
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