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Horse round pen panels

The diameter of round yard panels recommended for you: 14m, which belongs to the smaller round yard panels, which can meet the size of the pony 12-15m. If your horse is larger, please choose at least 18-20m round yard panels.

horse round pen panels 1

This will provide you and the rider with a suitable area for riding without making people feel physically stressed right away.

 Horse Yards Size

 The panels in National Stockyard Systems horse yards bolt together, which eliminates rattle noise and the opportunity for a horse to get a pastern or a cannon bone trapped between the top of the panels.


The most common panel is GP5 Rail 3.2M in length.


Round Yards are also available in all panel styles. In addition the rail spacing and height can be customised. e.g. Rail spacing can be customised to suit rubber belt height.


The gate frame is 3.0M high. The gate has a slam catch on the outside which is above wither height.


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