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Temporary Fence(Ca)

if you need to China temporary fence supplier,Temporary Fence Price,please contact us.

This temporary fencing it is easy to install and quite competitive when labor is considered. It will last a very long time and is perfect around building, pool or yard.

Temporary  fence panels are designed for quick two-person installation and can be installed on virtually any surface. The panels are simple to disassemble, relocate and re-assemble on site. It is available in various sizes of width and height.

Temporary fencings panels are made of a highly visible full-mesh for extra strength and rigidity, Its finishing are galvanized and powder-coated ,Which Provide good ablity of anti rust.

  Material   Iron, Steel
  Surface finish   Gavlanized Firstly, Then PVC Coating
  Connect methods   As Photoes
  Kickboard   kickboard is available to prevent small animals
  Signboard   signboard is available


Overall size


  1.8m(H) x 2.1m(L), 2.1m(H) x 2.4m(L) as standard
  other size can be customized
  25mm and 32mm Square Pipe
    Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
Wire diameter   3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm as standard

  Hole size  


  60mm x 150mm,, 50mm x 100mm as standard
  Other mesh available

  Metal Feet 700x90x8mm thick, customized size available


Outdoor events 2. Construction sites 3. Temporary blockade 4. Shield of large field, path, traffic, parking lots, factories, etc.



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