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Crowd Control Barriers

Our heavy duty crowd control barrier, pedestrian barrier are designed for long life and regular use. They are fully hot dipped galvanized after welding. Each barrier is completely dipped in a Gal bath after manufacture. This is the best galvanizing process available. This means: they will be more weather resistant and durable, and will last much longer than other Crowd Barriers on the market.  

The flat feet can be removable from barrier, which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient.

They can be used for police barrier, road barrier and pedestrian barriers. 

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The flat feet are removable which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient.

  Material   Iron, Steel
  Surface finish   Hot-dipped galvanized, Powder coated
  Frame   Round tube ( easy to handle )
  Feet   Round tube, Slab
  Billboard   Billboard is available
  Connect methods   With hooks


  Overall size 1.1m(H) x 2m(L), 1.2m(H) x 2m(L) as standard
    Other size can be customized
  Frame   32mm, 38mm, 48mm
    Thickness: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
  Billboard   0.5m(L) x 0.2m(H), 1m(L) x 0.2m(H)
  Feet   0.2m (H)

1. Outdoor events, Sports events
2. Traffic control, Crowd control
3. Temporary blockade
4. Shield of large field, path, parking lots, factories, etc 



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