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Gabion baskets

Gabion basket specifications

 Gabion baskets 1

Length (m)  Width(m)  Height(m)  Number  Capacity(m³)
 2.0  1.0  0.15-0.3  1  0.3-0.6
 3.0  1.0  0.15-0.3  2  0.45-0.9
 4.0  1.0  0.15-0.3  3  0.6-1.2
 2.0  1.0  0.5  1  1.0
 3.0  1.0  0.5  2  1.5
 4.0  1.0  0.5  3  2.0
 1.0  1.0  1.0  0  1.0
 1.5  1.0  1.0  0  1.5
 2.0  1.0  1.0  1  2.0
 3.0  1.0  1.0  2  3.0
 4.0  1.0  1.0  3  4.0

Custom Gabion baskets

We also support custom Gabion baskets, you can leave a message for us according to your needs, and we will calculate and quote according to your size requirements.

Gabion baskets China supplier

DunQiang wire mesh is a well-known Gabion basket supplier in China, and our products are exported overseas. As a supplier of Gabion baskets, we can provide you with the sizes of various models and specifications that are common on the market. If there is no size you need or you are using inches, please contact us and we will provide you with accurate sizes and quotations .

Install Gabion baskets

  1. Wear protective clothing and gloves.
  2. Unfold Gabion baskets on the ground monitored by the voucher, fold the meshes on both sides, and connect them.
  3. The connection is tightly tied with a tying wire.
  4. Connect adjacent net baskets.
  5. Fill the stone and cover the top mesh.
When we install Gabion baskets, we will use the corresponding accessories. Below we will list some accessories for you to choose. If you can’t find the corresponding accessories, please leave a message or email us. We will provide the corresponding accessories size and reference. Count and send it to you!

Gabion baskets accessories

 Model  Wire mesh(mm)  Mesh diameter(mm)  Selvedge wire(mm)  Lacing wire(mm)  Max width
 DQ60  60X80  2.0-2.8  3.0-4.0  2.0-2.2  4M
 DQ80  80X100  2.0-3.0  3.0-4.0  2.0-2.2  4M
 DQ80W  80X120  2.0-3.0  3.0-4.0  2.0-2.2  4M
 DQ100  100X120  2.0-3.0  3.0-4.0  2.0-2.2  4M
 DQ100W  100X150  2.0-3.0  3.0-4.0  2.0-2.2  4M
 DQ120  120X150  2.0-3.0  3.0-4.0  2.0-2.2  4M

 Advantages of Gabion baskets

gabion baskets 2


DunQiang gabion baskets with high flexibility to adapt the riverbed deformation.

Eco-environmental Protection

The structure of the gabion and DunQiang gabion baskets can minimize the impact on the enviroment. Permeability: DunQiang gabion baskets, gabion structure with good permeability is conducive to maintaining long-term stability of slope.

Promoting Deposition: good

Performance to promote deposition on the surface of natural vegetation to grow rapidly, making the structure blend with the surrounding enviroment, with good ecological effect. 

Perfect Landscape

It is easy to grow grass, so the product can bring good landscape effect.

Good Econnmy

The gabion and DunQiang gabion baskets is not strict with the base. The base is not requested to be buried deep and reduce the cubage of excavation. Due to the short time of the construction of the gabion and DunQiang gabion baskets, this can save the labour cost and total project cost. The gabion structure will be more economical than the one of the traditional project.


Woven by the double twisted or triple wire mesh machine, if one twisted wire is loosen or broken, the neighboring wire is still well connected.

Good Pressure Resistance

Continuous industrialized weaving mode, the well connection and integrity of the wire mesh, gabion and DunQiang gabion baskets structure have good perssure resistance.

Ease Of Construction

It is easy for DunQiang gabion baskets and gabion assembling in the construction site. With cobble stones from the river or the stone pieces from the quarry site, filled into the gabion boxes by machine or by man power without any facilities.

The efficiency of filing the gabion is 2-3 times comparing to the grouted stone pitching. It is important for the limited construction time due to freeze-up in northern areas, the DunQiang gabion baskets can be used in winter on thick ice as well.


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