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Wire Mesh Fence

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Wire mesh fence,wire mesh fencing are made of Galvanized Fence Panel or PVC coated metal fence panel.

Galvanised Fence panel can be welded firstly before Glavnaized,Or Galvanized after welding.

PVC coated metal fencing panel is galvanized firstly,Then PVC power coated.

The wire mesh fencings are typically used for medium security applications, it difficult to climb and cut through.Despite this,The fence panel has an attractive appearance

Its opening and strong wire allows good visibility through it.

Hebei Dunqiang Mesh Co.,LTD  can also provide double wire fence,358 fence for a secure, durable and attractive perimeter fence.


Wire mesh fence process:

Wire Mesh Fence Panel Process

1.straighten & cut short the wire       7.cut short tube

2.welding                                        8.hole drilling

3.bending                                       9.galvanizing

4.galvanizing                                  10.sandblusting 

5.parkerizing                                  11.power /pvc coating

6.powder/pvc coating                     12.rivet nuts installing

 Wire Mesh Fence Specification: 

Panel height    Panel Length   Wire Diameter

Mesh Size

1.2m               1.5m Gal + PVC Painted
Gal + PVC Coated
50*120mm 50*150mm 50*200mm 75*150mm

1.5m               2.0m
1.8m               2.5m
2.0m               3.0m



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