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Chain Link Mesh 

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Chain link mesh is a type of mesh which is suitable for both garden and security fencing and commonly seen surrounding tennis courts. Chain link can be fixed in place on timber, metal and concrete fence posts, depending on the situation and personal preference. Your chain link fencing should have the mesh supported on tensioned straining wires, so there needs to be a method of anchoring straining wires firmly at the ends and corners of the fence.


  Material   low carbon steel wire
  Surface treatment   Galvanized; PVC coated
  Wire range   1.5-4.0mm
  Aperture range   50mmx50mm~100mmx100mm
  Height range   0.8-4m
  Origin   P.R.C(China)
  Certification   ISO9001
  Fittings   Clamp, post cap, binding wire and etc.
  Post   Round post
  Color   Green, gray, black, yellow, etc..
  Surface of post and fittings   Hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated


a.With the high quality and best price, chain link fence is widely used in industries
b.Used in highway fencing, stadium fencing, machine protection, green belt fencing, zoo fencing,decoration and so on.

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